There are usually a couple of internal groups within an average sales team. There are the veterans, the new guys and a group in between. When it comes to motivating The Next Level Of Sales Training Adelaide, it is the interaction between these groups that can make or break the day.

Each group requires the right kinds of speak and the right kind of finesse. The veterans. These guys are either seasoned in your office or in some office somewhere.They have been selling this and that since age 18 and it is so second hand to them. That sometimes they forget what it is that they are selling at the given moment. 

They are not there for the big hype morning meetings and really do not want to be part of the official games and what not. The idea of getting to pop a secret balloon for each sale over X number a day may. Actually, make them a little sick to the stomach. They would rather be given a $50 bill at the end of the day for pushing past X number of sales.

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 The new guys. These guys are hyper, sometimes annoying and full of both questions and advice. They seem to have no idea what they are doing but can tell everyone else what they are doing wrong.

In the first ten minutes of being with the company. They have re-written the pitch and reorganized the entire company structure. You can motivate these guys with the games and hype. But direct criticism is usually a bad tact and will not get the point across.

The middle men. These guys are perfect, right in the middle. They are not as crazy as the new guys and not as laid back and accepting as the vets they take advice. They play the games, although they are starting to hate them.

The Next Level Of Sales Training in Adelaide Motivating them all…..

To start with, do not become complacent yourself. It is a tiring job and goes on forever, we know. Watch the mix. Many times it makes sense on paper to have a brand new guy hang out and watch a veteran. This fails almost every time.

It is like that cartoon where the over hyper puppy is literally jumping over the huge older dog over and over. They speak a different language, have different interests and have no desire to hear what the other has to say.

But, you can add a middle man to the mix and see better results. This simple addition makes a bridge that can connect all three. Also, never call it training, it makes the new guy feel small and the veteran hates his job.

Motivation comes from unlikely sources and needs to be tended. Anyone that wants a little extra motivation for their team can seek out The Next Level Of Sales Training Adelaide, and sales master David Ferrier.

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