There are 6 Interesting Components Of Sales Training Adelaide programs to pick from, and the cost for them is not unreasonable. In order to pick the best sales training program for your team, spend time evaluating the particular skills your sales reps require to achieve their goals from the company.

While a lot of sales training emphasizes on the sales process, ensure that the skills are connected with the requirements of your sales reps. Here are 6 Interesting Components Of Sales Training Adelaide to consider when selecting a sales training Adelaide program;

1. Find a sales training program that will seize your sales rep’s attention.

Sales reps are infamous for their main focus on sales alone– and you would not want anything different. However, if a training program doesn’t capture your rep’s attention at the beginning, they will begin to lose interest. David Ferrier recommends that you ask about how the initial thirty minutes of the training will kick off and know if that’s a good fit for your reps.

2. Find a facilitator who is a great fit for your business.

All facilitators aren’t created equally. Search for one that will be a perfect fit for your business and your sales team. A lot of reputable firms will have excellent facilitators to select from, but we have all heard some stories about facilitators that “didn’t get our sales process.” Try to meet the individual that will be coaching the sales training program.

3. Make sure the training class has provision for practice

After the sales training program, if the sales reps haven’t had an opportunity to practice the skills that they learned about then it’s just theory, and such theory will not automatically translate to more sales. Every good sales training program will have opportunities for the reps to practice all the skills they learn.

It isn’t just limited to simple role plays but includes activities where they discern certain skills (different types of questions). The goal here is that reps should be active. Though it’s hard to recognize the percentage of lecture vs. activity, you want to see a lot of applications and activities. You may ask to see all the trainee activities.

4. Pick a program that will remain highly relevant for your sales reps.

A major tenet of adult learning theory is that content has to be relevant for all adult learners and considering most sales reps concentrate on growing the business, it really has to hit the mark when it comes to relevance. Relevance implies that they understand the following; • Why does the skill matter to me? • In what way will I use it on the job?

5. Action Planning For sales training to be effective,

it must have action planning. It may begin with goal setting and has to lead to the identification of what needs to be done next.

6. Tracking Progress

Another key way that you could bring value to clients through your sales reps is by assisting in tracking progress. It won’t only help to build the rep’s level of accountability, but it will help to show what they have accomplished so far. These two factors when combined can be a source of motivation to the sales reps. For more information, contact David Ferrier at

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