With sales training Adelaide, you can use 5 Ways To Reward and Motivate Your Sales, Team Adelaide. David Ferrier is an expert motivator and by utilizing his teachings, a company can take itself to the next level.

However, if you’d like for your sales team to remain motivated long after the lessons of David Ferrier have worn off, read on to learn more about five additional ways to reward and motivate your sales team once sales training Adelaide has concluded

1. Cater To Their Individual Needs

Every member of a sales team has their own unique rhythm and cadence and when a company tries to force every member of the staff to sell in the same manner, their sense of individualism is lost.

Instead of forcing every staff member to live by the same sales template, why not allow them to add their own spin? When a salesperson is able to personalize their pitch to the customer, they come across as more authentic to the client and are far more motivated than they are when they are forced to read from a script.

2. Increase Focus

While some companies will rely on outdated approaches like cold calling and mass e-mailing, these methods tend to leave sales personnel feeling drained and unmotivated. If your sales team is slumping, try the “less is more” approach and allow them to train their focus on a few specific clients, instead of emphasizing haste and speed.

3. Appeal To Their Emotions

Companies often fall into the trap of believing that their employees do not need any additional motivation beyond their paycheck or their commission. However, sales staff tend to remain motivated when their hard work is acknowledged.

A genuine compliment and a pat on the back is a far more thoughtful reward than your typical sales bonus, although these incentives should already be in place.

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4. Offer Unique Prizes

To truly motivate a sales team, you’ll need to dig a little bit deeper when it comes to rewards and prizes. Get to know your staff better and see what makes them tick.

While some are highly motivated by the presence of cash prizes, there are others who might prefer an extra paid vacation day. This approach requires an intuitive employer that is willing to pay more attention to the needs of their staff.

5. Follow Through

Don’t make the mistake of promising your staff rewards that you cannot possibly deliver upon. If you offer a reward to your sales personnel and you do not follow through, the trust is broken and motivation among your staff will decline sharply.

When you offer rewards to your sales team, it pays to go above and beyond. Companies that come up short and make false promises always struggle to engender loyalty in their sales staff. For more information about 5 Ways To Reward and Motivate Your Sales Team Adelaide, be sure to contact Sales Training Adelaide.

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