In most cases, these are people you know very little about, but their contributions to the growth of the organization have set them apart for some rewards.But what if you are an employer shopping for that special salesperson in your company; have you any idea of what may be fit to be presented as a gift to him? Here are 10 gifts to Describe David Ferrier and his approach to Sales Training Adelaide.

1. WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks

The Internet is virtually everywhere. These days reliable internet connectivity is daily becoming a necessity especially for sales reps who are constantly on the go. With these hotspot cufflinks, you don’t necessarily have to go across the street to steal spotty internet from the coffee shop or hotel gym.

2. Questions Card Deck

A deck of table topic cards will make it easy for your reps to keep a conversation going without scrambling for what next to say or a good question to ask.


3. An Improv Class

There is nothing more off the cuff than improv when it comes to thinking on your feet. In a bid to help professionals improve their communication skills, most improv comedy theaters often offer training classes. This is a great way to provide your reps with quality sales training Adelaide as it helps them deal with prospective objections.

4. Social Selling Reference Cards

David Ferrier believes that there is need for every salesperson to think on their feet. But after an interaction, there might not be time to research the best action to take. These pocket-sized reference cards are obviously the best thing to do if facing a computer and skimming a few blog posts isn’t an option.

5. Latest Sales Books

There are a lot of great sales books that can be presented as gifts to your sales training reps in Adelaide which can help them advance their skills. Some of which include Mike Weinberg’s “Sales Management. Simplified,” “Hacking Sales” by Max Altschuler, the “Sales Acceleration Formula” by Mark Roberge, to mention but a few.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is an online community for savvy salespeople where they connect with opportunities, keep up to date with their customers and research their prospects. Gifting this may cause some tears of joy as your reps can get customized lead lists and additional insights on prospects through this means.

7. A Website Domain

This is the best time to provide skillful salespersons with their own blogs. By buying them an amazing URL from HostGator or GoDaddy you could help them jumpstart the process.

8. A Bluetooth Headset

It is stressful to hold a phone all day especially if your job requires you to. With a good wireless headset, salespeople can simultaneously take calls and check email, scribble notes and more.

9. This Epic Pen

Using this pen for writing is one thing as there are more to that. It can also be used as a flashlight, laser pointer, and stylus. David Ferrier calls it the Swiss army knife of pens.

10. iPhone Laser Pointer

While doubling as a gift for your cat, that handy red dot will never be far from reach again. This little iPhone laser pointer plug-in serves as an effective dang laser pointer.

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