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Sales Coaching

The top sales motivational speakers and sales consultants are just one call away! David Ferrier meets YOU in YOUR business to conduct a sales coaching and sales conversion health check. There are 3 main sales conversions in sales. Incoming or outgoing calls to appointment, appointment to decision maker and appointment to sales conversions. If you want a surgeon to operate on you then you will look for someone highly qualified. David is a sales conversions surgeon! It is easy to look at these 3 conversions to see where there is low hanging fruit. It might be through a web page inquiry, processes over the phone or the presentation and call back sequences, David has 17 years experience in sales conversion problem solving. Engage David in a free consultation session and you will be blown away with his experience in the 3 conversions in B2B and business to consumer sales conversions. He is a master in sales coaching!

Sales Coaching in Adelaide, Australia



The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

Contact David Ferrier

Speak to David about a custom sales training Adelaide consultation today. Contact David Ferrier offers sales consulting, the Resultzcorp two-day sales conference and also Sales speaking at events.

Moreover, you can please see over 140 testimonial letters on this website and you can see the positive feedback of sales Directors as well as companies. In fact, great sales training starts with a great sales trainer. And, David has 17 years experience in customized sales training and he is also a multiple award-winning speaker.

Australia is a unique maker that requires a local training organization with an understanding of the market! In addition, there are many trainers that may have the content but lack the ability to present with that X factor that really engages the delegates. Contact us and we shall cover your needs by directly increasing sales conversions! So, contact us and sales speakers and trainers Adelaide shall cover your needs by directly increasing sales conversions! 

With business to business selling or business to consumer, there are three main conversions. The conversion of an incoming or an outgoing call to appointment. (This may involve getting past the gatekeeper). The appointment to decision maker conversion. (Please note: When you go from 2 decision maker appointments out of 10 to 4 out of 10 you make a 100% increase is sales).  

Finally, the appointment to sales conversion. This can be increased by having a unified and duplicate introduction, presentation and also closing sequence! When you top this of with a planned and proven call back procedure you can really triple sales conversions. 

'Customized speaking and training for perfect client outcomes'.

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