Best Sales Speakers

 Best Sales Speakers

Introducing one of the best sales speakers in Australia, Dave Ferrier. These next paragraphs will save you a lot of time in finding the best ‘Motivational speaker for your sales conference’. David Ferrier is a top and award winning Motivational speaker. 

David Ferrier has won awards for the best speaker at major international conferences. He is the past president of the national speakers association with an amazing 17 years experience inspiring sales teams into action! Expect the best audience ratings.

There are sports speakers, I have done something big speakers and full time professional speakers that are trained to match your brief and deliver strong messages that the audiences are inspired to use. David Ferrier is one of the leading and best sales speakers and trainers in Australia.

Best Sales Speakers in Adelaide, Australia



The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

The 3 ‘minimum motivational speaking requirements’ for the best sales speakers should have are:

  • The content – powerful, ’up to date’ and innovative
  • The performance – transformational, motivational, dynamic and engaging
  • The ‘take aways’ – Motivate and inspire people not only in the talk but also inspire the audience to ’take action’ after the talk with stratergic ’takeaways’ that relate to your key ‘speaking brief’ and points
    Feel welcome go to Dave’s ‘topics’ on this web page.

You are aware of the 3 types of motivational speakers

  1. Sports speakers
  2. I climbed at mountain or got shot 20 times or sailed around the world speakers
  3. An ispirational person that motivates and speaks professionally for a living

The first 2 can pull a crowd and are sometimes great but most leave the audience saying “great inspirational story but what were the key points and what can I use in my life?” A world class motivational speaker will make a life changing inpact in a good chunk of the audience and will leave them eager and excited to use the skills well after the talk. A great speaker makes there topics and talk all about the audience, not about them!

Dave Ferrier, immediate past president of the well respected ‘National speakers association of Australia’ in Adelaide, is a learned, highly experience motivational speaker in Adelaide. He has been inspiring and motivating audiences throughout Australia for 17.

Please check availability because David is often away speaking and has bookings throughout 2016. (David’s mobile is 0450 412 355)






Contact David Ferrier

Speak to David about a custom sales training Adelaide consultation today. Contact David Ferrier offers sales consulting, the Resultzcorp two-day sales conference and also Sales speaking at events.

Moreover, you can please see over 140 testimonial letters on this website and you can see the positive feedback of sales Directors as well as companies. In fact, great sales training starts with a great sales trainer. And, David has 17 years experience in customized sales training and he is also a multiple award-winning speaker.

Australia is a unique maker that requires a local training organization with an understanding of the market! In addition, there are many trainers that may have the content but lack the ability to present with that X factor that really engages the delegates. Contact us and we shall cover your needs by directly increasing sales conversions! So, contact us and sales speakers and trainers Adelaide shall cover your needs by directly increasing sales conversions! 

With business to business selling or business to consumer, there are three main conversions. The conversion of an incoming or an outgoing call to appointment. (This may involve getting past the gatekeeper). The appointment to decision maker conversion. (Please note: When you go from 2 decision maker appointments out of 10 to 4 out of 10 you make a 100% increase is sales).  

Finally, the appointment to sales conversion. This can be increased by having a unified and duplicate introduction, presentation and also closing sequence! When you top this of with a planned and proven call back procedure you can really triple sales conversions. 

'Customized speaking and training for perfect client outcomes'.

T: 0450 412 355

















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