About Sales Training Adelaide

About Sales Training Adelaide

About Sales Training Adelaide

Top sales people and sales teams get results due to effective systems implemented to achieve sales growth and conversion. Resultzcorp has been leading the field for 17 years with innovative, unique and practical sales training.  We help companies Australia wide to move their businesses well beyond the competition. Resultzcorp is all about Sales Training Adelaide.

If you want to master the art of sales in Adelaide, you have come to the right place! We have over 140 testimonials about sales training on this site and 13 years experience in transformational sales learning.The director, David Ferrier is the past President of the respected ‘National speakers association of Australia’. He is one of Australias leading sales speakers and sales trainers. 

Resultzcorp specialises in sales training in Adelaide and professional speaking throughout Australia. We empower individuals and companies to improve sales conversions almost immediately. Your sales executives will learn new and proven systems and discover lost potential.

Alongside proven customized sales training programs in Adelaide, we offer a 2-day ‘Resultzcorp’  Adelaide sales training conference for sales professionals covering:

  • Behavioural progression
  • Clinical and sales psychology
  • Business networking
  • Body language
  • Sub conscious programming and
  • Professional sales presenting.  

The best outcomes are about Sales training Adelaide and professional speakers that are both interactive and fun. Resultzcorp is focused on building relationships with clients to ensure a clear and recognised return on any amounts invested into sales training in Adelaide.

Resultzcorps success and growth is in this philosophy. In helping companies and individuals achieve their goals, Resultzcorp achieves their goals. Contact Dave direct on 0450 412 355 for a chat.

Best Sales Training In Adelaide



The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

About ResultzCorp

Resultzcorp is the a growing company specialized in providing sales speaking to the prospective sales people to increase their performance. This professional speaking business promises to deliver and is dedicated to exceeding your expectations! 

It has access to a team of speakers who are devoted in fulfilling the desires of  businesses achieving there goals.

About Owner- David Ferrier                           

Resultz Corp is owned by the managing director David Ferrier. After getting inspired from niche market opportunities in sales speaking and training he started his own company in year 1999.

His work was so appreciated that he became the president of “ The National Speakers Association” in South Australia.

His Specializations:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Behavioral Progression.

David Ferrier, uses all these specializations in his sales speaking presentations. Our company has a special team of professional sales speakers who conduct various seminars, sales conferences and workshops in almost all parts of Australia.

Our sales speakers has helped thousands of sales individuals and hundreds of business in achieving their business goals bu giving them inspirational sales tips etc .in their conferences and various events.

Resultz Corp is been working from the past 17 years and has emerged as a dynamic, enrolling company with specialized and professional sales speakers with brilliant presentations.



Please feel welcome to contact David from Resultzcorp today for a phone consultation.

‘Cusomised speaking and training for perfect client outcomes’.

T: 0450 412 355

E: david@resultzcorp.com.au


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